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5 top tips to cosy up your home for Winter

Jul 13, 2017

As the cooler months are now upon us its time to tweak our homes so we are feeling cosy on these cooler nights. No matter what your budget, invest in a few pieces to get your home in top notch for winter.

1. Lampshades - invest in a lamp for some night mood lighting, its getting dark rather early and dimmed background night light makes it all the more relaxing with some ambient lighting

2. Throws of any composition, if the budget allows woollen ones, if not any will do. Throw them over your arm chair or sofa during the day for some colour and texture, then use them as a blanket as you snuggle up to watch tv at night.

3. Sheepskins - very on trend right now, if you have wooden or concrete floors these are sure luxury to step out of bed onto one of these every morning! Variety of colours to choose from to go with your decor.

4. Rugs - slide a rug under the end of your bed.

5. Comforter at the end of the bed so you can pull use it for extra warmth at night, if required.

6. Lastly candles are my favourite way to add atmosphere and cosy vibes.


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